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Welcome to Wedding Wizz

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Congratulations and a warm welcome! We are passionate about weddings, providing the couple with all their needs and desires and more.      

Your Dream Wedding


A wedding to us is the extension of the bridal couple’s personalities, a style statement. Let us provide you with your dream wedding. We work with a variety of great wedding ideas

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We have experience and creative skill, we know all the short-cuts and best priced services, without compromising our service quality.

Welcome To Wedding Wizz - wedding planner Garden Route


A warm welcome from the Wedding Wizz team.

We are passionate about weddings, giving the couple all their needs and desires and more. A wedding to us is the extension of the bridal couple’s personalities, a style statement!

Wedding Wizz believes in weddings extraordinaire, you dream it, we do it ! Identifying the needs and extras as previous Function’s Manager in the Hotel industry Wedding Wizz was born. We are able and available to organize the entire package, from assistance with the selection of the venue for the ceremony and reception and accommodation, transport for the bridal couple and their guests, liaison between bridal couple and professional service providers for invitations, shoes, dresses, hairstylists, beauticians, minister, photographers, musicians, florists, caterers and pre-wedding get-togethers and activities, honeymoons, etc.

We have experience, skill and creativity and know all the short-cuts, best priced ‘without compromising quality’ services and every nook and cranny of the Garden Route and surrounding areas, no request would be too great to organize. A wedding planner should take a lot of the stress and responsibility off the bridal couple’s shoulders and afford them the luxury of spending time with their friends and family prior to and on D-day.

Wedding Wizz has rave reviews from clients and guests and really believes that dreams do come true!


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